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>> Medical Technology and Education References

Power distribution for a power plant in Chile

For a new power plant in CHACAYES / CHILE ABB MNS panels are used for the LV-power distribution. Because of their special earthquake qualification such panels can be used here.

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Power distribution for an epoxy resin plant in Germany

LEUNA-Harze GmbH follows and adheres to this tradition and offers epoxy resins, further binding materials and services.

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Main distributor for plant of Linz Textil in China

The listed Linz Textil Group, a market leader in the production of viscose in Europe, built in Nanjing in Cina a viscose spinning mill.

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Building of switchboards for production plants of plastic - foils in Russia and Turkey

Russia: In August we have delivered 102 pcs switchboard fields in “FIXED MOUNTING TECHNIQUE” and 98 pcs local control boxes and control desks.

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Main distributor for plant in Lebanon

Main energy distribution for the entire plant. The low-voltage plants covered 14 fields of the type ABB MNS 3.0 widthdrawable module technology, equipped with modules for achievement supply.

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Distribution boards for a steel plant in the Ukraine

For a steel plant in the Ukraine were a total of 170 cabinets as MCC and fixed mounted technology made.

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Distribution boards for a steel plant in China

For a steel plant in China cabinets with automation technology were built. There were 32 pcs. ET200 cabinets, 5 pcs. CPU cabinets with S7-400H and 2 pcs. server cabinets delivered.

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