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Propane deasphalting in Hamburg


Power Distribution

H&R AG is an international specialist chemicals company. Their core line of business is the development and manufacture of crude oil based chemical-pharmaceutical speciality products and high-precision plastic parts.

Crude oil is a natural resource which is absolutely essential for today's multifaceted way of life. We use this raw material to manufacture more than 800 innovative, environmentally friendly, high-quality products such as plasticisers, white oils and paraffins. Our highly precise plastic parts are primarily used in the automotive industry and the medical technology sector.

RESCHREITER ENERGIETECHNIK delivered the entire LV – power distribution and MCC’s.The scope of delivery was the LV – distributions panels with bus bar 2 x 2550 A and the  compensation plant.The entire mounting and installation of the E- boards was done, by RESCHREITER ENERGIETECHNIK. 


Project name Propane deasphalting (PDA) / H&R Ölwerke Schindler GmbH
Project type Main Power Distribution / MCC / Battery Unit 24 V DC
Location Germany / Hamburg
Scope of supply E-Design, Manufacture , Mounting
UPS Battery Unit 24VDC / 200 Ah  ( power supply unit  24 VDC / 120A )
Transformer -
LV distribution Rittal Fix mounted Technique
Bus-bar -
Fields Rittal TS , 35 Panels
Compensation 250 kVAr in Module Technique FRAKO
I/O points -
Communikation Profibus DP
E-Installation mounting of E- panels
Project status 2011-03-04 SAT signed ( Site Acceptance Test )


Lieferumfang und Leistungsdaten:

  • The LV-distribution consists of 35 panels type Rittal TS Fix - mounted technique.
  • The main power supply was done by 2 x 2500 A incoming panels and one coupling panel 2500 A, as well 32 pcs. outgoing feeder panels.
  • The power factor correction for each unit was build as a 250 kVAr module panel type FRAKO.
  • The entire mounting and installation of the E- boards was done, by RESCHREITER ENERGIETECHNIK.

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