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Power supply for Viscose-Yarn-spinning mill in Croatia


Power Distribution

After long production period of the Viscose-Yarn-spinning mill PREDIONICA KLANJEC (a part of Linz-Textil-Group placed in  Croatia), there will be a change for the whole power supply part ( MV-part / DC-plant / 2x transformers / LV-part / 2x compensation part / Light-Socket distribution panels/ installation / partly new machines ) according the newest state-of-the-art.

RESCHREITER ENERGIETECHNIK delivered the whole power distribution for this plant. This contains a 20kV middle voltage-plant via two 2500kVA transformers, as well as a low voltage-plant equipped with 3500A busbar system combined with two 700kVAr compensation plants. The electrical connection between transformer and LV-plant is realized by a busbar system Nobaduct AL 4000A HSC/2. The energy for light and sockets is given by three new distribution panels (LSV panels). The installation work for the machine part of the plant was organized by RESCHREITER ENERGIETECHNIK, supported by a local Installation company.


Project name Powerdistribution of PREDIONICA KLANJEC
Project type Total-Energy-Supply of Viscose-Yarn-spinning mill
Location Croatia / Klanjec
Scope of supply Engineering, documentation, manufacturing, supervision
MV distribution ABB ZS8.4 20kV ( 5 panels ) / incl. Batterysupply 220VDC / 50 Ah
Transformer ABB TSPH 11287, 2500kVA, 10(20)/0.4 kV changable Hermetic–Trafo ( 2 pcs. )
LV distribution ABB MNS 3.0 TSK ( 17 panels in Plug-In- and Removable technique )
Bus-bar 4000A ( Nobaduct HSC/2, AL, IP55 )
Fields MNS 3.0;  17 panels – total lenght 28,5m / 6 panels compensation Fix-mounting technique Rittal / 3 panels LSV Fix-mounting technique Rittal
Compensation 2 x 700 kVAr as modul technique by Frako
PLC control -
I/O points -
Communication -
E-Installation Powersupply for the whole production line
Project status 12/2011 delivery MV-/LV-panels, supervision spring 2012


Scope of delivery and performance characteristics:

  • The Middle-Voltage-plant, 20kV (ABB ZS8.4) contains 5 panels.
  • A DC-plant 220VDC / 50 Ah is used as control voltage supply for the MV-plant.
  • Via two transformers 2500 kVA, 10(20)/0.4 kV (ABB TSPH 11287), the LV is energized.
  • The Low-Voltage-plant contains 17 panels, type ABB MNS 3.0 Plug-In- and Removable Technique, equipped with switch disconnector fuses used for powersupply.
  • The LV-plant is equipped with an back-panel-placed 4 pol Busbar system, incl. a ZEP, placed in the coupling panel.
  • LV incoming point are two 4000A Incoming panels.
  • The energy-supply for all the production machinery is covered by 12 outgoing panels, equipped with power outgoing from 63 up to 630A.
  • The compensation-plant is rated up to 2x 700kVAr.
  • The connection between transformers and LV-plant is realized by a BUSBAR-system ( Al 4000 A HSC/2 ).
  • Via three new manufactured LSV-panels the energy for the whole lighting will be supplied.
  • RESCHREITER ENERGIETECHNIK looks after the whole installation work for the machine part of the plant incl. supervision of start up.

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