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Control switchboards for a power plant in Malawi

The company ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH has the order for the modification of the entire controlpanels for the NKULA A MALAWI hydroelectric power station.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia

The Waste Water Treatment Plant of the Industrial City in Al Kharj is situated in the central Arabian Peninsula in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) around 30km south from Al Kharj. The preliminary total-design is for 60.000m³/day.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Diwaniyah in Irak

The WWTP - ( Waste Water Treatment Plant ) in Diwaniyah – Iraq, is located about 180 km south of Baghdad, nearby Euphrates river. The max. capacity is designed for 100.000 m³/day, waste water.

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